About the MIICT:

MIICT (Mediterranean Institute of Innovation, Communications and Technology) is a non-profit, research-oriented organisation. Our focus is on using innovation, communications, and technology to improve people’s lives and address societal issues, challenges and problems.

Our mission is to promote participation in learning and research activities that address societal problems and support innovative individuals in developing their scientific knowledge and concepts. Our goal is to improve socially beneficial technologies and make a real, positive impact on people’s lives.

MIICT is located in the Mediterranean region. However, our work spans globally as we collaborate with various international partners in our mission.

MIICT is composed of a team of dedicated volunteers and professionals from diverse backgrounds, including ICT, telecoms, engineering sciences, biomedical sciences, agriculture, transport, infrastructure (public utilities), satellite communications, and social sciences. This team of people changes quite often as new projects are initiated and completed projects are closed. Our team is guided by a President and a Board of Directors. These also change from time to time as the President and the Board are appointed on a yearly basis. At the moment, the President is Ms. Rossana Caputo, while Bernard Mallia and Emanuel Mallia act as Chairman and Treasurer respectively.

Our Work:

MIICT has worked on a variety of projects aimed at promoting social cohesion, enhancing the quality of life, and reducing the digital divide. You can find specific examples of our projects on our website’s ‘Projects’ section.

MIICT selects the projects to work on based on their potential to get funded, their potential to create a positive impact on society, their alignment with our mission and values, and the feasibility of implementing the resulting project outputs.

MIICT’s work has led to significant advancements in various sectors such as education, healthcare, and community development. We’ve been instrumental in bridging the digital divide and promoting social inclusion. You can find detailed impact reports on our website.

Innovation is at the heart of MIICT’s approach. We foster a culture of creativity and experimentation, and we strive to break down barriers to innovation. We aim to create innovative solutions that benefit society today and have a positive, lasting impact on future generations.

Getting Involved:

There are many ways to get involved with MIICT, from volunteering and interning to donating or partnering with us. When it comes to donations, please note that we do not accept donations from just anyone due to rigid KYC and anti-conflict-of-interest requirements we have in place. Potential partnerships are also looked into with a fine toothcomb prior to acceptance.

Yes, MIICT welcomes volunteers and interns who are passionate about our mission. Before contacting us, please have a very clear idea of the research area that excites you.

MIICT regularly posts job opportunities on its website. However, due to the project-based nature of the work we undertake, all opportunities are project-based and thus of a temporary nature. We encourage anyone interested in our work to check our ‘Careers’ page regularly.

We greatly appreciate any donations and contributions to support our mission. Please visit our website’s ‘Donate’ page for information on how to make a contribution.

Partnerships and Collaboration:

Yes, MIICT collaborates with a wide range of organisations, including academic institutions, government agencies, other non-profit organisations and private sector companies.

We welcome partnerships that align with our mission and objectives. Please get in touch with us through the ‘Contact Us’ section on our website to discuss potential collaborations.

Yes, we do accept corporate sponsorships. We believe that partnerships with the corporate sector can greatly enhance our capacity to carry out our mission. For more information about corporate sponsorship opportunities, please contact us directly.

Research and Funding:

MIICT is funded through a variety of sources, including grants, donations, corporate sponsorships and partnerships with other organisations. We also compete for and obtain research funding from various national and EU funding programs.

compelling proposals that align with our mission and demonstrate the potential impact of our work. Our team of experts also maintains a strong network with funding bodies and other research institutions to stay informed about the latest funding opportunities.

MIICT contributes to scientific knowledge and innovation through our research and projects. We publish our findings in peer-reviewed journals and present them at conferences. We also work to translate our research into practical solutions that can be implemented in society. Some of the proceedings of our research endeavours are also published on this website.

Technology and Communications:

MIICT integrates technology into all aspects of our work, from research and project management to communication and outreach. We use technology to gather and analyse data, develop innovative solutions, and disseminate our findings.

Communication technology is crucial at MIICT. It enables us to collaborate with our partners, engage with the communities we serve, and disseminate our work to a wider audience. It also plays a key role in many of our projects, particularly those aimed at bridging the digital divide.

MIICT is actively working to bridge the digital divide through a variety of initiatives. These include providing digital literacy training, improving access to digital resources, and working to ensure that technology is accessible and inclusive for all.

Ethics and Responsibility:

MIICT is committed to conducting its work with the highest level of integrity and ethical responsibility. We adhere to strict ethical guidelines in our research, respect the rights and privacy of the individuals and communities we work with, and strive to ensure that our work has a positive impact on society.

Respect for human rights is at the heart of our work. We ensure this by conducting our research and projects in a manner that respects the dignity, autonomy and rights of all individuals. We also have rigorous safeguards in place to protect the privacy and data of those we work with.


MIICT is committed to inclusivity and strives to ensure that our work is accessible to everyone, including individuals with disabilities. This includes making our physical spaces accessible, ensuring our digital resources are compatible with assistive technologies, and considering the needs of individuals with disabilities in our projects and initiatives.

MIICT offers a variety of accessibility features, including accessible facilities, assistive technologies, and accommodations for individuals with different types of disabilities. We also work to ensure our digital content is accessible, following the best practices and guidelines for web accessibility.

Contact Information:

You can get in touch with us by visiting the ‘Contact Us’ page on our website, which includes our email address, phone number and mailing address. We look forward to hearing from you.

Education and Training:

The MIICT offers a range of educational resources, including online learning materials, research publications and webinars. We cover topics related to innovation, communication, technology and their societal impact. We have not yet managed to put these resources online, as it is a project that we have in the pipeline for the future when funding becomes available.

Yes, the MIICT does from time to time offer free training programs and workshops. These range from technical skills training in selected technology topics to workshops on innovative thinking and problem-solving. For more details on upcoming events, please have a look at our ‘Events’ page.

The MIICT promotes learning and research by providing resources and opportunities for individuals to engage with the latest developments in innovative technology. This includes hosting seminars and conferences, publishing research findings and offering free education and training programs.

Community Outreach:

MIICT conducts various community outreach activities, including educational workshops, technology access initiatives and projects that directly engage with the community to address societal issues. Additionally, most (though not all) of the EU-Funded projects it carries out have publicity requirements that include community outreach elements.

MIICT works on a range of projects aimed at addressing societal problems, from increasing digital literacy to improving access to essential services. We also support individuals with innovative ideas through our training programs, research collaborations and funding request backing.

Among other things, the MIICT also undertakes projects specifically aimed at supporting vulnerable groups. This includes initiatives to improve access to technology, health services and education for the elderly, as well as efforts to address basic needs like food, clean water and shelter for those in need through the deployment of technology.

Innovation Focus:

The MIICT fosters an environment of creativity and experimentation, encouraging our team and partners to think outside the box and explore new ideas. We also regularly host innovation challenges and workshops to stimulate innovative thinking, especially when putting together new projects.

The MIICT has created several innovative solutions to address societal issues. For example, we’ve developed a reusable photocatalysis unit for water decontamination, designed digital literacy programs to bridge the digital divide, designed proof of location algorithms for food provenance traceability, and satellite-imagery based platforms to identify areas undergoing deforestation. You can find more examples of projects we have worked on in the Projects section in our website.

The MIICT works to break down barriers to innovation by fostering an open and collaborative environment, providing resources and support for innovative ideas, and by actively working to remove obstacles such as lack of funding or regulatory constraints. While we have become quite dexterous in breaking down barriers to innovation, it is to be understood that it is impossible to break them all down. Indeed, we have ourselves faced some societal barriers to innovative solutions we have presented, as such solutions were at times ahead of their time.

Mediterranean Region:

As a Mediterranean-based organization, we are deeply committed to the region. We work on a variety of projects aimed at improving lives and promoting innovation and technology adoption in the region.

MIICT promotes the integration of technologies in the Mediterranean region through various initiatives such as tech workshops, collaboration with local tech companies, and the introduction of ICT solutions in various sectors. Our efforts also extend to encouraging the cross-fertilisation of ideas by fostering a collaborative environment where researchers, innovators, and community members can exchange thoughts and insights.

Our goal is to give our contribution to position the Mediterranean region as a global leader in ICT and innovation by promoting research and development, fostering technological advancements and encouraging innovation in all sectors. We believe that by doing so, we can significantly enhance the welfare and quality of life of the region’s inhabitants. Having said this, we are very down to earth and acknowledge that on our own and with our limited resources, what we can achieve is limited. This is why we partner up with other organisations, communities and governments who share our goals with a view to being able to go further in our endeavour.

Privacy and Data Protection:

The MIICT is committed to protecting the privacy and security of all data we handle. We adhere to stringent data protection protocols and comply with all relevant laws and regulations. We also employ advanced security measures to protect against unauthorised access or data breaches.

Our data protection policy outlines our commitment to protecting the privacy and security of personal data. It details how we collect, use, store, and disclose data, as well as the measures we take to protect it. You can find our complete data protection policy on our website.

News and Updates:

You can find the latest news and updates about our work and projects on the ‘News and Updates’ section of our website. We also recommend following our social media channels for regular updates.

Yes, the MIICT does publish a newsletter, although this is not published on a regular basis. We also publish various reports detailing our projects, research findings and impact. You can subscribe to our newsletter or access our reports via our website.


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