Project FARMBUGAdvancing Agriculture through Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Robotics


In alignment with the MIICT’s mission to encourage innovation and technology, we have initiated a new project centred on the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and autonomous robotics within the agricultural sector. The project has been named Fully Autonomous Robotic Machine for Biological UnderGrowth (FARMBUG). Our goal is to develop a versatile, AI-powered, autonomous farming robot capable of intelligent crop inspection and maintenance, thereby improving farming efficiency, crop yield and environmental sustainability.


Today’s agriculture landscape faces multifaceted challenges that need to be addressed innovatively and sustainably. These challenges include pests, diseases, and weeds, all of which pose substantial threats to crop health and yield. Traditional crop inspection methods are labour-intensive, time-consuming, and become increasingly problematic in larger farms. Modern solutions, such as satellites, drones and ground-based agricultural robots, do exist, but each comes with its own set of limitations.

Our project seeks to transcend these boundaries, leveraging the power of AI and autonomous robotics to create an effective, efficient and environmentally friendly solution to these pervasive issues.

Project Description

Our AI-powered autonomous robot will be designed to navigate fields independently, using GPS technology to traverse predefined boundaries. Lightweight construction and innovative wheel design will ensure minimal contact with the ground, reducing the risk of crop damage that traditional robot models might inflict.

The robot will be equipped with dual cameras to capture a 360-degree view of the crops, both above and below the leaves. This comprehensive imagery data will feed into advanced AI algorithms trained to detect potential threats, track growth, and identify needs for water or nutrients adjustment.

Additionally, the robot will be built with modularity in mind. By adjusting the width and wheel size, the robot’s applicability across different farming systems and crop types will be enhanced, promoting versatility in the agricultural sector.

The data-driven insights gathered by the robot will allow farmers to target interventions more precisely, whether that means deploying fertilisers, pesticides, or adjusting watering schedules. This precision will decrease unnecessary chemical use and excess water consumption, fostering a more sustainable approach to farming.

Future Opportunities

Although the proposed robot is currently in the conceptual phase, its prospective benefits extend far beyond the boundaries of efficiency and labour-saving. In the long term, this initiative could contribute significantly to the farming industry’s digital transformation. By integrating technology with traditional agricultural practices, we can create a future of farming that marries AI with human expertise for sustainable growth.

This project is not just about automating a complex process. It’s about integrating intelligent systems into farming to create a new agricultural model, one that can efficiently and sustainably feed our ever-growing global population.


This project represents an opportunity to redefine the future of farming. By applying AI and autonomous robotics to agricultural processes, we can leverage technology to mitigate current agricultural challenges. This project aligns with MIICT’s vision of harnessing innovative technology to solve real-world problems and serves as a platform for developing sustainable, technologically-driven farming practices.

We believe in the transformative potential of this initiative and seek to make a lasting impact on the agricultural sector and beyond. Through this project, MIICT will make a significant contribution towards intelligent, sustainable, and efficient farming for the future.

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