MIMOSA Project Awarded Funding under MCST’s IPAS+Another Game-Changer in Agriculture and Aquaculture Supply Chain Management

The Malta-Italy Mobility for Sustainable Agri- and Aqua-culture (MIMOSA) project has been awarded funding to promote the transition from traditional agriculture methodologies to innovative and sustainable practices. This initiative, which focuses on a circular economy approach, will support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and NGOs in adopting new technologies that enhance profitability, sustainability, innovation, inclusive economic growth, and competitiveness.

MIMOSA aims to empower human resources within SMEs and NGOs to become agents of change, driving socio-economic and environmental benefits. The MIMOSA project will focus on developing closer ties and undertaking concrete actions derived from social and scientific research that strengthen the technical competencies of SMEs and their impact on the European economy.

The initiative will work towards meeting the European Union’s objectives, including guaranteeing food security, reducing the environmental and climatic footprint of the European food system, strengthening the resilience of the food system, and governing the global transition towards competitive sustainability.

A multidisciplinary networking approach will be taken, involving the main stakeholders in the industries related to agriculture, energy, and digital transitions, optimisation, automation, networking, blockchain, agrifood value chain, markets and policy translation. Planned activities include communication and promotion, networking and technical tables and two conferences to be held in the Italian region of Apulia.

A team of recognised experts with a strong track record in research projects and publications are leading the MIMOSA project. The MIICT, which serves as the project lead, will work alongside the University of Foggia and Agrismarter, an innovative tech start-up specialising in the agri-food system, to be able to execute the project.

Project CERES, for which the MIMOSA project is one of the follow-up actions, has already achieved success with a Horizon2020 Trublo project, developing a blockchain Proof of Location and agricultural INCOTERMS framework concept. Further collaboration is planned in PRIMA-NET areas such as mycotoxins in food and innovative photocatalysis for water decontamination, as well as other non-PRIMA calls that rely on the strong partnership of the entities involved.

The project’s milestones include communication and promotion activities beginning in January 2023, followed by networking and technical table activities in May 2023. These activities will culminate in workshops and visits, as well as highly-focused training sessions.

For more information about the MIMOSA project and its upcoming activities, please keep an eye on this website.

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